Who am I?

I am a researcher in combinatorics and a associate professor in computer science at Université Paris-Sud (Orsay). This blog reflects my own views on topics such as research, science, mathematics, programming and so on. More?

  • My research is about Combinatorics you can read more on my academic home page or even read my research papers on arXiv.

  • I teach basic computer science at undergrad level (programming, algorithmic,…) and also occasionally combinatorics, Sage, and other topics at all levels.

  • I am an active user and contributor to the mathematical software SageMath and an enthusiastic user of the platform SageMathCloud.

  • I am one of the organizers of PyLadiesParis.

  • I have a strong interest in the Python language and community and more generally in the OpenSource community, especially around science.

  • I am part of the OpenDreamKit project as a lead partner for Paris-Sud and in charge of the dissemination work package.

  • If ever you read French, I also run a travel blog VivianeVoyage where you can read different kind of stories.